Happy Thanksgiving – Transplant Update

Happy Thanksgiving – Transplant Update


I am writing this on Thanksgiving Day, so I want to wish anyone who reads it a very Happy Thanksgiving, even if you are reading it on some other day.

In many ways this can be a difficult time of year, as I was reminded this morning when my daughter, Suzanne, told me that her fiancé’s grandfather passed away last night.  Last year, my father passed away on the day before Thanksgiving.

Nevertheless, it is good that we have a day when we can pause and give thanks for our blessings – including the times that we have spent with family members and friends who are no longer with us.

This year, we can also be thankful that my brother seems to be doing quite well following the stem cell transplant.  He had been been told that it might be necessary for him to stay in Houston until Christmas  because of possible complications.  Last week, though, the doctors said that is now safe for him to return to his own home in Austin.  For the next few weeks he will need to return to the MD Anderson Center once each week for follow-up testing.  The rest of the time he can spend at home.

Paul’s blood counts are still low, especially his red blood cells.  I believe that it may be a year or more before it can be determined whether the fibrous tissue in his bone marrow will continue to be a problem.  Right now we are simply thankful that he is progressing as well as he is.

We are also thankful for the support that has been provided by many people and in many ways.  As an example, there is an elementary school student in Gilpin County, in the mountains West of Denver, named Sarah Trujillo.  She has never met Paul, but every day for the past three months she has prayed that he will recover.  You have to believe that God hears the prayers of children like her.

So — Thanks, Sarah.  Thanks everyone.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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