A POETRY PRIZE Eufeeling Haiku

Wouldn’t it be great if this blog was written by a prize-winning poet?  Wouldn’t that give it a little bit of class, perhaps a sense of gravitas?

You bet it would.  So, I would like to say that Nobel laureate Bob Dylan will be writing several ….. Oh, never mind.  I would like to say that, but wouldn’t be true.  If Mr. Zimmerman won’t return the Nobel Committee’s phone calls, I don’t have much chance of talking with him.

I guess the only way a prize-winning poet is going to write something here is for me to go out and win a prize, myself.  How would I do that?

Well, there is a gentleman named Frank Kinslow, who is a chiropractor with extensive transcendental meditation training turned guru of sorts.  He has written half a dozen books, which have been translated into many languages, teaching what he initially called “Quantum Entrainment” or “QE”; which has now expanded into the “Kinslow System.”  This is not the time or place to try to explain that system.  Let us just say that he recognizes a state called “Pure Awareness,” which is likened to David Bohm’s concept of implicate order.  It is also similar to Tao and Advaita in that it is that from which both consciousness and matter arise.

Even though Pure Awareness is always and everywhere with us, most people do not know or recognize it.  Dr. Kinslow’s books teach that it is possible to become aware of Pure Awareness, and we can start in the space between our thoughts.  As a part of becoming aware, one experiences what Kinslow calls a “Eufeeling.”  That is a made-up word that combines the Greek prefix “eu-,” meaning well or good or pleasant, with the word “feeling.”  It is supposed to be the feeling that comes with the first glimmer of individual awareness of oneself as both separate and a part of a single unbounded field.  Dr. Kinslow wrote a whole book on Eufeeling, so I won’t try to explain it any further.

Anyway, a few months ago I received an email newsletter about the Kinslow System, which included an announcement of a contest seeking poems on the subject of Eufeeling.  I felt like writing a haiku that day, so I wrote a “Eufeeling Haiku.”  Whoever the judges were, they liked the poem enough to award it third place and I am to receive an autographed copy of Dr. Kinslow’s book on Eufeeling.  The winning poems are not yet on the Kinslow System website, but I will include a link when they are posted.

For now, let me share the poem with you:

Eufeeling Haiku

In silence, nothing.
Breathe, pause, feel — and nothing blooms:
a perfect flower.

4 thoughts on “A POETRY PRIZE Eufeeling Haiku

  1. Congratulations on being recognized for your poetry and for yeurfeeling. You may be aware that Richard Farina wrote a number of Little Nothing Poems, some of which were published in a book titled “Long Time Coming and A Long Time Gone”. Your Haiku got me thinking about them. An Example: “I’ve got plenty of nothing. But then so do most people in my position.” or “The author, who had precisely nothing on his mind when he wrote these poems, would like to thank his publishers for finding all the necessary space”. Happy Neu Year.

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