This is not a happy story.  On March 18, 2015, a pregnant woman went alone to a residence in Longmont, Colorado in response to an ad on Craig’s List offering to sell baby clothes.  She was lured into the house where she was strangled and her unborn daughter was cut from her womb with a knife.

The following week, a Colorado State Legislator, Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt (R – Colorado Springs), who is also an on-line televangelist, mentioned the incident on his broadcast.  He said:  “This is the curse of God for the sin of not protecting our innocent children in the womb.”

It was reported in today’s (3-28-15) Denver Post, that the House Republican caucus met and released a statement saying that “the comments that were made [by Klingenschmitt] do not reflect our caucus – and we soundly reject them.”

Please note, too, that the comments made by Rep. Klingenschmitt express his own personal opinion and most definitely not that of God.