May 9, 2013

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Dr. Baskaran Pillai has an interesting educational background.  He earned his Master’s degree in English Literature from Madurai University in Southern India.  He then came to the University of Pittsburgh to study Hinduism and earn a Ph.D. in Religious Studies.  Along the way, he developed a special relationship with the Hindu god Siva and began to call himself Sri Siva (“Sri” meaning “holy” and “Siva” meaning “Siva.”)

Wayne Dyer is a psychologist who has become the country’s best known self-help author and motivational speaker.  I once heard a recording by Dr. Dyer on which he talked about meeting Sri Siva, whom he said was a very holy man.  He said that he came into the room where Sri Siva was sitting and took a seat across from him.  Nothing was spoken between them for a considerable length of time until Sri Siva asked, “Do you have any questions?” and Dr. Dyer replied, “No, you have answered them all.”

Soon after I heard that recording, I learned that Sri Siva was giving a lecture in Boulder.  I thought it would be good to be in the presence of a very holy man, so I attended.  I also brought our children, Michael and Suzanne to let them experience the presence.  My wife Cathy had to work, but another friend – Kathy – wanted to attend and met us there.

After hearing Dr. Dyer’s talk, I wondered whether this was to be a darshan experience in which we would all sit silently until he asked if there were any questions.  In fact, it was just the opposite.  The lecture was a discussion of mantra and sacred sounds.

He primarily discussed the mantra “ara kara” which is supposed to aid in the manifestation of abundance.  Continue reading