There has been an awful lot written about Donald Trump over the past few months.  Those articles have examined Trump’s ever changing positions on almost everything except his own chronic physical position.  That is what we will consider here.

No matter how a person may feel about Donald Trump – whether they support his candidacy or oppose it or may have heard the name someplace but can’t place it – everyone seems to agree that he often comes across as an ignorant buffoon who seems to have no control over or concern about what he may say.  His intellect and/or veracity may not be totally to blame for that failing, however.  There may be an underlying physical reason.

A person with proper posture holds his or her head so that the ears are directly over the shoulders.  Watch Donald Trump, though.  He habitually holds his whole head forward from his Trump's postureshoulders.  That posture pulls his first rib out of position, puts undue stress on the scalene muscles, causes headaches and neurological problems and adversely affects a person’s emotions.  Yoga instructors, chiropractors and devotees of the Alexander Technique tell us that chronically poor posture makes us lose touch with our natural rhythms and about the way we feel within ourselves.

Perhaps soon some television network will conduct an interview with Mr. Trump while he wears a cervical collar allowing him to hold his head up properly.  That should improve the clarity of his thinking and let everyone know how he really feels about the important national issues.