I recently read a book by a new author named Karen Henson Jones.  The book is entitled Heart of Miracles:  My Journey Back to Life After a Near-Death Experience.  I posted a brief review on Amazon.com, and here I repeat those thoughts in the next four paragraphs, but there are some other things I would like to say; hence, this review.

Heart of MiraclesBeat poet Gregory Corso wrote of having a life that was not up to him. “No choice of two roads,” he wrote, “if there were, I don’t doubt I’d have chosen both.” That view of life could be echoed by the author of this well-written book. Everything that happens to her stems from the sudden disruption of her normal, upwardly mobile life due to a heart rhythm abnormality that was discovered after a fainting episode in a Georgetown restaurant. She did not choose for that that to happen, but as she was recuperating the road that opened to her was a spiritual path of meditation, yoga and metaphysical books. Continue reading