It has been a strange couple of weeks.  I learned that a long-time friend was diagnosed with a very serious dis-ease, the mother of another friend suffered a stroke, I had a long conversation with yet another friend whose wife passed away only a few weeks ago; and I have been trying to deal with a roofing/exterior company to get the rest of the hail damage to our house repaired, which should have been finished months ago.  Times like these can turn one’s thoughts to (as Bob Dylan says) “the countless confused, accused, misused, strung-out ones and worse.”

It is obviously time for healing, and listening to Leonard Cohen’s “Minute Prologue” will help.  The song is about 76 seconds long, and is worth hearing all the way through – maybe twice.

I have written about Leonard Cohen several times (for instance here and here and here), so I won’t say any more about him right now.  “Minute Prologue” was recorded at a concert in London, England and included on the 1972 album, Live Songs.

Minute Prologue
By Leonard Cohen

“I’ve been listening
To all the dissension
I’ve been listening
To all the pain
And I feel that no matter
What I do for you
It’s going to come back again
But I think that I can heal it
But I think that I can heal it
I’m a fool, but I think I can heal it
With this song.”

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