Have you guys out in cyberspace heard of this guy Donald Trump?  If you haven’t, please count your blessings and continue your idyllic life.  If you have heard of him, you might have heard that he came to Colorado last Friday (July 29th) and gave speeches in Colorado Springs and Denver.

Since I am in Colorado, I happened to hear about three minutes of what I think was the Colorado Springs speech.  It was certainly an eventful three minutes.  First, he said the Colorado Springs Fire Department “doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing” because the Fire Marshal had indicated that he would enforce the Fire Code during Trump’s event.  Apparently, they don’t have fire codes where he comes from.  The comment was even more mean-spirited than it sounds, however, because only a few minutes earlier that same fire department had rescued him form a stuck elevator at a local resort.1

Then, he said he was no longer going to be “Mr. Nice Guy” and that he was ready to “take off the gloves.”  I am not sure, but apparently he wanted to make sure the material would not muffle his words when he cupped them around his mouth to yell bad names at Hillary Clinton across his imaginary playground.  Oh well, it probably doesn’t require much effort to remove the gloves from those little hands of his.

He mentioned that he had just finished an interview “with the local paper – you know the one I mean.”  Clearly, he could not remember the name of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Colorado Springs Gazette just minutes after he had spoken with its editors.

Next, he mentioned that retired USMC 4-star general John Allen was a “bad” and “failed general” because he would not support Trump.  Now, I have previously said that I do not condemn Trump as a evil draft dodger for his efforts to avoid fighting in the Vietnam War.  However, we must realize, and he should know, that he has no basis on which to judge a person like Gen. Allen who did choose to spend his career and risk his life in service to our country.  Donnie, if you read this, I dare you to step away from your podium and say those things to John Allen’s face, or to anyone who has served under him.

Following that, he criticized two American Muslims, Khzir and Ghazala Khan, whose son, an Army captain and recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, was killed while serving in Iraq – first, because they did not support him; and also because Ghazala, who was unable to speak through her tears, simply stood beside her husband who spoke critically of Trump.  That action signaled to me that Donald Trump is as ethically and morally bankrupt as the businesses he has run into the ground and walked away from, leaving his creditors, suppliers and subcontractors to suffer the losses.

Finally, he said that Colorado is such an important state in this election that he will be back many times.  “You are going to be sick of seeing me,” he said.  I am not going to stand silently by in face of threats like that.  I stopped watching after hearing that remark and decide to write this to let Deceitful Donnie know that we are already sick of seeing him.  And I speak on behalf of every rational person in the state.  It is not merely coincidental that Bob Seger’s song, “Get Out of Denver” has kept turning up since Friday.

“Get Out of Denver” was the opening track of Seger’s 1974 album, Seven.  That was the first album he released with his Silver Bullet Band.  It had only limited commercial success, never even breaking into the top 200 albums on Billboard’s rankings, but it was well crafted and exuded the energy that the public seemed to appreciate much more on his Night Moves and Live Bullet LPs that came out two years later, in 1976.  “Get Out of Denver” was also included on Live Bullet.

I have not been able to find much information about this song, but I came across an old interview with Bob Seger that indicated it might more accurately be called “Get Out of Aspen.”  It seems that his band had been playing a club in Aspen that had a large cover charge and a two drink minimum.  Because of the cost to see a band that was only moderately popular at the time, the crowd was reduced to a couple of dozen people for the last few nights.  Seger was dissatisfied by the whole experience so he wrote this song – but he thought “Denver” sounded better than “Aspen” in the lyrics.  Of course, nothing in the lyrics matches that story, but I guess the sense of dissatisfaction is there.

He has also said that the song was written in about 15 minutes while his band was opening a series of shows for Bachman Turner Overdrive and was trying to come up with “powerhouse tunes the crowd would remember.”  He said the lyrics didn’t mean that much and he often changed them as he used this song to close his sets.

I like the Aspen story better.  I guess because I did attend a show at a club in
Aspen back in the 1970s.  I saw the New Riders of the Purple Sage at a place that was overpriced, overcrowded, and filled with some of the rudest fans I have ever seen.  I decided never to go back for another show as I “got out of Aspen.”

This has been sort of rambling, and I really don’t like spending too much time dealing with politics, so let me just quit now, and say:  Deceitful Donnie Trump, this one is dedicated to you and your kind:

Get Out of Denver
By Bob Seger

I still remember it was autumn and the moon was shinin’
Our 60 Cadillac was roarin’ through Nebraska whinin’
Doin’ 120 man the fields was bendin’ over
Headin’ out for the mountains knowin’ we was traveling further
All the fires were blazing and the spinnin’ wheels were turnin’ turnin’
Had my girl beside me brother brother she was burnin’ burnin’

Up walked a Baptist preachin’ southern funky school teacher
She had a line on somethin’ heavy but we couldn’t reach her
We told her that we needed somethin’ that would get us goin’
She pulled out all she had and laid it on the counter showin’
All I had to do was lay my money down and pick it up
The cops came bustin’ in and then we lit out in our pickup truck go

Get out of Denver baby go go
Get out of Denver better go
Get out of Denver better go go
Get out of Denver cause you look just like a commie
And you might just be a member better
Get out of Denver better
Get out of Denver

Well red lights were flashin’ and the sirens were a-screamin’
We had to pinch each other just to see if we was dreamin’
Made it to Loveland Pass in under less than half an hour
Lord it started drizzlin’ and it turned into a thundershower

The rain kept drivin’ but the Caddy kept on burnin’ rubber
We kept on drivin’ till we ran into some fog cover
We couldn’t see a thing somehow we just kept on goin’
We kept on drivin’ all night long and then into the mornin’
‘Fore it finally lifted when we looked to see where we was at
We’re starin’ at a Colorado state policeman trooper cat go

Get out of Denver he said go go
Get out of Denver better go
Get out of Denver better go go
Get out of Denver cause you look just like a commie
And you might just be a member better
Get out of Denver better
Get out of Denver better go

Oh better better better go
Hey go
Ah better better go go go go
Cause you look just like a commie
And you might just be a member better
Get out of Denver better go!

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  1.  The elevator at the Wyndham Mining Exchange hotel did not malfunction.  Rather, because of Trump’s stature, his entourage had been given a key to allow his people to control the elevator.  The key was turned at the wrong time, causing the car to stop moving between floors.  The hotel has now placed a sign in the elevator, naming it “The Trumpster,” apparently because the elevator does not go all the way to the top floor.

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