October 6, 2012

Unfortunately, my brother, Lonny Paul Weltzer, passed away earlier this week.  As you may know from what has been written here, he had suffered from a rare blood disease called myelofibrosis and had been fighting the complications of that condition for several years.  When he couldn’t fight it any longer, he passed over peacefully in his sleep just before Midnight on Tuesday.
Lonny and his wife Deb moved to Austin, Texas shortly after he retired in 2010.  His daughter Lisa also lives in Austin with her husband and two sons.  His younger daughter Laurel lives in Greeley, Colorado with her husband and son.
We will have a memorial gathering in the Arvada, Colorado area, where he grew up, in early November; but the plans for that are not yet finalized.  I can let you know about the gathering sometime soon.
In lieu of flowers, you may make a charitable contribution in Lonny’s memory, if you feel inclined to do so.  An organization that seems relevant is the MPN Research Foundation, 180 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1870, Chicago, IL  60601.  Additional information is available at the Foundation’s website – either:
http://www.mpnresearchfoundation.org/quick-online-donate or http://www.mfchallenge.org/Donate-to-MF-Challenge.


One thought on “LONNY PAUL WELTZER — 1949-2012

  1. Dear Louis,

    My husband and I have known Lon and Deb for many years through our common bond of music. Deb performed either violin or viola depending upon our needs, and Lon was appreciative. Lon and Deb were our beloved Great Pyrenees dog, Sunshine’s adopted family (along with Secora). When we were compelled to be out of town for an extended stay, they were kind enough to dog sit for us.

    I have been following your postings at Ralston Creek Review from the beginning, and have been grateful for your diligence in keeping outsiders up to date with all that took place in granting Lon more time to be with us. As close as we were to Lon and Deb, I was pleased that I didn’t have to bother Deb to keep everyone in the Colorado Springs and Pueblo area up to date. We miss them so very much.

    Your thoughtfulness toward readers/followers/hangers on to know what it had meant for you as a donor and brother are applauded. Both BJ and I were caught up in your writings and accounting of the daily activities, the good things and the not so good things. I hope that we will be able to attend the memorial for Lon in Arvada when the time comes and look forward to meeting you. I only wish it could be for a happier reason.

    With sincerest regards,

    Jan and BJ Berman

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