CIVILITY IN POLITICAL DISCOURSE And Psychic Predictions for 2016

I have mentioned from time to time that I am very disappointed in the level of what passes for discussion of the upcoming presidential election.  My wife and our cat and dog agree with me, so our discourse around the house remains civil.  However, yesterday Darcy (our dog) thought it the humane (dogs are humane) thing to do to suggest that others try to practice civility and understanding of their neighbors.  Unfortunately, she chose the Washington Times as her forum.
She chose that site because I had it open to read an article about how Colorado Democratic Senator Michael Bennett is the most vulnerable incumbent in the country in this year’s senatorial elections.  That was the thesis even though the Republicans have not only not picked an opposing candidate, they don’t even know who their potential candidates are going to be due to ongoing court proceedings concerning the validity of signatures on the candidates’ petitions.  Be that as it may, here is what Darcy said, and the responses she generated (and I am not making this up):

This puppy has no political or economic agenda. I am just appalled at the stupid ad hominem attacks in which this “presidential campaign” is wallowing. Why should we be subjected to anything “ad hominem” when the political system has already gone to the dogs? And we don’t want it. 
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    You have NO IDEA what “ad hominem” even means – idiot!


    As I am sure you realize, it refers to an argument that is logically deficient because it attacks a person’s character rather than containing any substance. Sort of like you seem to be, sir.




    An example of your IDIOTIC beliefs: “This puppy has no political or economic agenda.” Then why does the ENABLER proclaim that the Economy SUCKS and she knows NOTHING about creating jobs thereby she’ll make the Rapist her Economics CZAR!


    Which rapist? The one in your head?

    Clinton’s not been convicted, which means you’re libeling him.


    SUE ME! So you’d be happy with the PC nomenclature of ALLEGED RAPIST – OK!


    Go back to sucking O Bumbler!


    Oh, you pathetic ad hominem crazed homo sapiens. At least now YOU know what “ad hominem” means.


    Oh you pathetic Heroin abuser, but there is HOPE, O Bumbler said so.

    CHARACTER MATTERS – you have NONE, pumpkin!


    My work here is done. You have completely mastered the intellectual deficiency of the ad hominem argument. It’s time for my walk. Bye.

    Of course I lectured her about proper computer etiquette and dangers lurking online for children and pets; and emphasized that she should not use her real name next time.

    I mention this now because I just, by chance, happened across a YouTube video from a psychic/actress/rock star/producer named Danielle Egnew, who looks like a real psychic should look and who makes more sense, in a New Agey kind of way, than just about anyone else I have heard talking about the election.  Here it is for anyone who may be interested:



3 thoughts on “CIVILITY IN POLITICAL DISCOURSE And Psychic Predictions for 2016

  1. A masterful job by Darcy of allowing an ad hominem attack practitioner to demonstrate her point. A teaching moment for sure, but like most relationships teaching is a two-way street and there has to be a learner on the other end.

    Danielle Egnew makes great sense to me even after filtering out her personal new age perspective of positivity and hope engendered by rising consciousness, which I personally honor.

    However… Like teaching, consciousness (or conscious awareness, or however you want to describe it) is also a two-way street – there has to be a receiver turned on for the source to be received. There is no doubt in my mind that IF the consciousness of the human collective, one person at a time, acquired more awareness of the divine feminine and other aspects of the yin-yang nature of human experience AND a more conscious awareness of the inter-relatedness of everything and everybody, THEN a manifestation of positivity and hope would have traction in the “real world.” I just ain’t feeling the power surge of an uptick of more receivers coming online. The frequency of that occurrence still seems to be manifesting at about the same ratio it always has. Granted, there may be more consciously aware people living at this moment than have ever existed before at any given time in history – but there are equally more of their opposite practicing their own lower-consciousness ways and means as well.

    Just color me hoping for the best on this one.

    • I agree there must be a learner, but the optimist in me thinks, “you never know.” Perhaps ptm was driving to work the next day and suddenly thought, “Oh my goodness, I am guilty of a terrible logical fallacy; and that is probably the least of my sins. I need to go right now to the mosque, synagogue, church or ashram of my choice and hope they are hearing confessions this morning.”

      Even if there was no epiphany for ptm, we can only hope that other readers received some educational value from his ad hominem demonstration.

      As for conscious awareness, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi taught that if 1% of the world’s population could achieve that state of consciousness, we would enter an era of positive, peaceful global transformation. In today’s world, that means that about 74 million people are required. Danielle Egnew may be able to bring some of those along with what you call “her personal new age perspective.” Perhaps having a cup of coffee with her video will tip someone in that direction.

      • I hope so. Re-reading my post I realized that it sounded like I was a bit grumpy, or at least a bit removed from my inner optimist.

        Upon reflection, it was probably both. Maharishi Mohesh Yogi’s perspective certainly does give an alternate point of view on the “1%” we need to be giving attention and power to. It’s a nice nutshell demonstration of how perspective works. What we give attention to we do give power to, in our own consciousness and the collective consciousness as well.

        I prefer to redirect my own viewpoint when I find it wandering, and in this case I will turn my focus from the plutocrats of the world to the Danielle Egnews of that same world.

        The benighted have my compassion. Danielle has my attention. I’ll have coffee with her anytime. Or you. Thanks, Louis – a great post.

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