Now, you wouldn’t expect a great song about, say, Nebraska to be written by Hannah Montana.

And Tennessee Ernie Ford wasn’t known for his songs about Rhode Island.

And who would think John Denver would give us a song about West Virginia.

U. Utah Phillips

Well, that last thing may have happened

Nevertheless, we are going to consider a Colorado song – the “Colorado State Song” – that was written by Mr. U. Utah Phillips.

Phillips, who passed away in 2008, at the age of 73, was sort of a latter-day Woody Guthrie, hopping freights and riding Greyhound Buses across the country to sing songs, tell stories and act as a labor organizer for the Industrial Workers of the World (the “IWW” or “Wobblies”).  Wikipedia has a nice little piece on Mr. Phillips, so rather than repeat what has already been written, I will refer you to that article.

Although the “Colorado State Song” is a good song, the only recorded version of which I am aware is on the first album by the local group, Grubstake.  That brings up another name to know:  Harry Tuft. Continue reading