I don’t usually post something two days in a row because I don’t really have all that much interesting to say.  Yesterday, though, I posted some thoughts about a small part of a speech given by presidential candidate Donald Trump.  I am afraid that those thoughts were mostly negative and uncharitable.  After thinking about what Mr. Trump had said, together with some of the other things he has been reported to have said during the past few days, it has become apparent that he is suffering serious psychological problems, and is crying out for some sort of intervention.  While I am not in a position to help him, I would hope that someone in the Republican hierarchy can guide him to the treatment he needs.

What I can do has nothing to do with politics or psychosis.  I can print something that is more positive and uplifting.  Last night I received an email from slack key guitarist extraordinaire Doug McMaster and his wife Sandy.  If you are not currently on their mailing list, let me share that correspondence with you.  They have a good story to tell:

Doug and Sandy McMaster

Doug and Sandy McMaster

The Bigger Picture
Last week, as we were stopped at a crosswalk for our friend Dan to cross on his recumbent bike, suddenly we were jolted by someone hitting us full speed from behind.  We didn’t have any apparent injuries, the driver of the other car was also okay.  We followed procedure and a police officer took a report (just happened to be 50 feet ahead giving someone a ticket).

Later in the day, at the post office, one of the postal workers we know asked if we were okay.  She had been right behind the woman who hit us.  She said the woman never slowed down and never put on the brakes and actually bounced off the back of our vehicle.  Scary!  We suspect the driver was texting or something on her phone because when we went to her car to check on her, she was texting on her phone.
We were pondering why we needed to hear the story from our acquaintance at the post office, marveling at the ‘to the second’ timing the greater powers had to coordinate for us to have that encounter with her.  We didn’t need a witness as the other driver had admitted it was her error.
As we looked at the overall situation, we realized that if we hadn’t been there, stopped and taken the hit from the other driver, she would have run right over our friend Dan because he was directly in front in the crosswalk.  Another example of ‘perfect timing’ to achieve the goal of saving Dan’s life.
Vietnam took a serious toll on Dan, taking one of his legs, a lot of his eyesight and more injuries that affect  him every day.  A couple years ago, a man driving one of the lifted, big tired trucks ran over Dan and then backed up over him to see what he had run over.  Dan was in the hospital for a long time and survived to get back on his bike (a new one of course) and head out for a ride every day he can.  We see him most every day at breakfast, and always he has a smile and a good word to say.  He is our hero and inspiration.
We suspect that there is a tremendously important mission Dan is on in his life and he is watched over by a very special guardian angel or angels.  Despite our immediate dismay of being hit, we are very honored to have been in place to help those angels.
We love the mystery, magic, and awesome orchestration of greater powers and wisdom than what our small human minds can conceive… opening and stretching our perception… reminding us that there truly is always a bigger picture. And keeping us looking for what opportunities we are being presented to play a part in making the world a better place.
May your days be filled with blessings of aloha and opportunities to serve!
A hui hou,
Doug and Sandy
I would say the same – a hui hou – until we meet again.

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